Merlin AI – Your Smart Content Assistant

Merlin AI

Meet Merlin AI, your virtual genie in a Chrome extension! With a flick of your keyboard (Cmd+M), Merlin doesn’t just answer questions; it crafts articles, summarizes YouTube videos, tames websites, and conquers documents!

Main Features

  • Complex Question Answering: Instantly provides accurate answers to complex queries with a convenient keyboard shortcut (Cmd+M).
  • Content Creation Assistance: Assists users in writing articles, generating summaries, and crafting content for various platforms.
  • Content Summarization: Summarizes articles, YouTube videos, websites, and documents, making lengthy content more digestible.
  • Internet Search: Enables quick and efficient web searches directly through the extension.
  • Seamless Access to ChatGPT & GPT-4: Integrates with advanced AI models, allowing users to access ChatGPT and GPT-4 effortlessly on any website.

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4.4/5 Ratings

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