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Soulgen AI

SoulGen AI is an advanced artificial intelligence art generator designed for creating customized anime and real-life images, specifically focusing on female characters. It operates using text prompts, allowing users to describe the character they want to generate, and then uses AI algorithms to produce high-quality, detailed images based on those descriptions.


  • Text-Based Generation: Users can describe the character they want to create using text prompts. They can specify details about the character’s appearance, including body features, clothes, hair, and more.
  • Tag System: SoulGen AI offers a tag system that allows users to fine-tune their creations. Tags can be used to specify particular traits, styles, or themes for the generated character.
  • Photo Upload: Users can make the generated character look like a specific person by uploading a photo. The AI analyzes the photo and incorporates the visual elements into the generated character’s appearance.
  • Edit and Extend Features: SoulGen AI provides editing tools such as “edit image” and “extend image,” allowing users to modify and expand the generated images according to their creative preferences.
  • NSFW Content: SoulGen is specifically designed for generating Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content, meaning it creates images that are not suitable for all audiences and may contain explicit or adult themes.

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